Stop Motion Animation: LEGO X-Wing Starfighter Build Process

I had always wanted to make a stop motion animation video and I finally took the plunge this week while buidling the new LEGO Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter set. I got a bit creative here and there, added special effects and a use a bass cover of the Star Wars theme song as background music. Couple of hours later of shooting, editing and uploading, I present to you my latest video. Enjoy!

Drifting Trikes

This video makes me want to get an adult big wheel, some rope and a willing friend to tow me down the 101 Freeway. This looks way too fun, it will probably be illegal soon.

Photoshop CS6 New Feature Preview

For all you design nerds out there: Adobe introduced a time-saving (but not perfect) feature in Photoshop CS5 called Content Aware Fill, where removing an undesired portion of an image becomes a matter of seconds, and now they’re introducing a new feature in Photoshop CS6 where you can move an object in a picture, automatically. Check out the video above (around the minute mark) to see for yourself. Now, just as Content Aware Fill, its not perfect (nor will it ever be) but a really cool feature none the less.