Unpowered Glider – Archaeopteryx

Check out this Swiss-made unpowered glider, the Archaeopteryx (say that fast five times). The eternal dream of gliding and soaring thru the sky could be yours, starting at 75’300 Swiss Francs, or about $82,000 USD, plus delivery. It can be foot-launched, towed with another plane, a winch, a car, and even sling-shot into the air with a special bungee cord. Each Archaeopteryx is built by hand with very strong and light weight composites, and takes about 6-12 months for delivery. Check out the gallery below.

For more information, check out their English page here

The Concorde Story – Documentary

The Aérospatiale-BAC Concorde, a marvel of modern air travel. Sure, it crossed the pond (NY – Europe) in like 3 hours going twice as fast the speed of sound, but who cares about those technological feats. The real miracle was getting the French and the English to work on a project together. I never actually flew in a Concorde, but I did go inside the once outside the Air Museum in Seattle.

Wanna learn more about this awesome supersonic airliner? Check out the documentary above!