Phil Schiller reveals amazing stats about iPhone sales during Samsung trial

Phil Schiller, Apple’s vice president of marketing, made an astoundishing statement about the historical sales of iPhone. He declared that every new model if iPhone sells more than any other model of iPhone combined. Let’s put that into perspective: Apple has sold more iPhone 4S than iPhone 4, 3GS, 3G and original, combined.

Schiller made this statement at the end of the second full day of the Apple vs. Samsung trial, but some seem to think of the statement as an internal joke, but some analysts believe that the statement is actually true:

Though CNBC writer Jon Fortt says that Schiller’s statement was an ‘internal joke‘, this statement matches up with numbers from Matt Richman, who broke down sales by year back in January of this year, concluding that Apple had sold 93.1M iPhones in 2011, just over the amount that it sold in the period from 2007-2010. Note that Richman’s numbers include sales from the current model year as well as previous phones, so Schiller is likely referring to the sales of the current iPhone generation backed up by sales of whatever model was still selling the year before.

Not only has this trend been an anecdotal statistic, but some believe that it is what Apple tries to do with every iPhone launch. If it is true, Apple must feel pretty confident about the next generation iPhone.

Via [TheNextWeb]