New Facebook stats: 83 million fake users

Facebook, the social networking giant, released the latest breakdown of what they consider to be fake users at thefirst quarterly earnings report as a public company. This is the numbers breakdown:

  • 4.8% duplicate accounts
  • 2.4% user-misclassified
  • 1.5% undesirable accounts
  • Total: 8.7% or about 83 million fake users

Under Facebook’s terms and conditions, people aren’t allowed to have more than one Facebook account, those are considered duplicate accounts. User misclassified refers to accounts for set up for businesses or pets, as those entities are supposed to set up pages instead of profiles. Undesirable accounts are those set up to spam.

Facebook boasts an impressive user base: 955 million active monthly, but dispute their huge numbers, their stock price keeps dropping. Facebook’s stock IPO price was set at $38 and it closed today at $20.04. In the end, if the social networking giant has less than 10% fake users, its still better than my email/spam average.

Via [CNet News]