ForeverMap 2 brings mapping to Barnes & Noble's Nooks

Nook Color owners rejoice! Skobbler, a Berlin-based app development company has released ForeverMap 2, in both paid and free versions, and are now available to download in the Nook app store. The paid version offers off-line maps, but neither offer turn-by-turn directions due to the fact that the Nook Color doesn’t have 3G or GPS and has to rely on Wifi positioning. This new mapping platform offers developers a change to integrate mapping into their own apps:

B&N’s partnership with skobbler “signals a brand new opportunity for Nook app developers to create location-aware apps, products and services that help our millions of Nook Tablet and Nook Color customers experience and navigate their physical surroundings in unique and innovative ways,” Claudia Romanini, B&N’s director of developer relations, said in a statement. “We’re excited about the potential here.”

Nook Color owners can now mock Kindle Fire owners and their lack of mapping software. Your move Amazon!

Via [PaidContent]