Digg relaunch previewed - more photos and no ads

Digg, the original social news aggregator, is being redesigned from the ground up, by BetaWork, its new owner and they’ve shared with the world some images of mockups and wireframes for the impending re-launch, slated for later this week. The new-new-new Digg, which has been reset into start-up mode, is being re-imagined with simplicity and cleanliness in mind where the main focus is on better and bigger images and no ads.

The ranking algorithm is also being re-worked to not only count the number of “Diggs” a story gets, but also the number of mentions in tweets and Facebook shares. The commenting system is being left out for this new version, dubbed v1, and there will be human moderators to monitor popular stories and give them prominency when needed.

The BetaWorks team has been busy for the last 6 weeks in the redesign process and the new Digg, v1, should be ready for launch later this week. Are you excited about the new Digg? Let us know in the comments.

Via [ReThinkDigg]

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