The UK’s most beautiful face

Check out this 18 year old natural beauty. She’s a regular school girl who works part time at a fish and chips restaurant and she has the distinct honor of winning Britain’s Most Natural Beauty. Large eyes, full lips, almost-perfect proportions and a very symmetrical face, amongst other “scientific” factors were the criteria for her title, chosen amongst 8,000 other hopefuls. Do you agree?

Blogger Foils TSA Body Scanners

The Boy Genius Report has a very interesting, and somewhat disturbing story of light by scientist and blogger Jonathan Corbett who recently posted a video on how to get anything past the TSA’s controversial body scanners.

The blogger demonstrated his methods on video, successfully sneaking a metal object through the TSA’s screening process at both Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport and Cleveland-Hopkins International Airport. While capturing as much of his experiment as he could on camera, Corbett slipped a palm-sized metal case into a pocket he sewed on the side of a shirt. He then passed through the TSA’s body scanners at both airports without his metal case being detected.

Head over to the BGR to read the full article, or visit the official blog, with additional information on how the TSA wants to block mainstream media from covering the story.

UK Man to Get Served Via Facebook

In an unprecedented move, a UK court has allowed a man to be served via Facebook. Usually, individuals are served either in person, by mail or fax, but since the accused has been hard to reach, and the lawyers don’t have the man’s email address, they asked to court to serve him via Facebook:

The lawyers didn’t have his email address, so they applied for permission to send him the claim through Facebook.
Jenkins, an associate with London-based law firm Memery Crystal, said the lawyers were confident that de Biase’s account was still active.
The counsel told the judge that someone from the firm had been monitoring the account and they’d seen that he’s recently added two new friends, which made the judge chuckle,” she said.

Sure, you can run, you can hide, but if you’re on Facebook, you might get served!