Up Close and Personal With the Fearsome New F-35 Jet | WIRED


From Wired:

Blakeslee shoots exclusively on film, both professionally and personally, because he likes the intentionality of it. Every shot counts, and costs money, requiring greater attention to composition. Film rewards precision. “You really have to slow it down and calculate things in your head,” he says. “The whole process of shooting film is very meditative.”

Up Close and Personal With the Fearsome New F-35 Jet | WIRED.

Facebook revamps photo sections

Great new for those of you who compulsively share pictures with friends and family (and strangers, why not?) on everyone’s favorite social networking site, the recently IPO’d Facebook. They’ve redesigned the photos functionality on the timeline to showcase your happy snaps in a bigger and better-looking fashion. Some might suggest that Facebook has borrowed this look from Google+, but we’ll leave that discussion up to you, the reader.

Users will be able to select pictures they’ve uploaded, pictures they’ve been tagged in and a full view of albums and see them bigger and with a new showcase feature, which allows users to highlight their favorite snaps. The new photos view has started rolling out to some profiles and very soon every one will be able to experience as soon as the global rollout is complete.

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