Goodbye Radio Shack

Hack A Day has a great piece on the news about Radio Shack declaring bankruptcy.

This is not a eulogy; Radio Shack isn’t quite dead just yet, and eulogies are reserved for the loved ones in our lives. Radio Shack is neither. We all have a rich history with Radio Shack, and next time you’re buying some resistors on Mouser or Digikey, just remember we’re living in a different world now.

Yup, a store that will gladly sell you a cell phone, satellite TV or an old digital camera, but you’re much better off looking for that resistor you need in the shelf yourself.

The Concorde Story – Documentary

The Aérospatiale-BAC Concorde, a marvel of modern air travel. Sure, it crossed the pond (NY – Europe) in like 3 hours going twice as fast the speed of sound, but who cares about those technological feats. The real miracle was getting the French and the English to work on a project together. I never actually flew in a Concorde, but I did go inside the once outside the Air Museum in Seattle.

Wanna learn more about this awesome supersonic airliner? Check out the documentary above!

Lego Space Shuttle Goes To Infinity…and Beyond!

Letting your imagination soar to new heights is exactly what Raul Oaida from Romania did. As a tribute to NASA’s now retired Space Shuttle program, he attached a Lego Space Shuttle kit to a hellium-filled weather balloon and filmed it with a GoPro Hero camera. He recovered the fallen balloon (and amazing footage) 240 km (about 150 miles) from the launch site. Here is the amazing footage. If you want to read more about his project, and vote for upcoming ones, visit his site [Micro Blade Jets]