AT&T vs T-Mobile: Spy vs Spy

In the never-ending battle for your subscribers, AT&T (disclaimer: my carrier for 8 years now) has announced that they too will let you roll-over your unused data, just like T-Mobile does, but only for 1 month.

I used to have their 10GB plan, shared between all my lines, but after going over a couple of times, I decided to take advantage of their double-your-data plan, so I upgraded to the 15GB plan that doubles to 30GB, which is plenty now. We are constantly streaming audio via podcasts, SiriusXM, Spotify and the occasional video via Netflix, DirecTV or Plex.

At first I was a little upset about AT&T only rolling over the data for a month, I quickly realized that I realized that I probably won’t need that much data. Right now, we use about 12GB a month, so lets round it up to 15GB, now I effectively get 45GB of data a month, since last month’s 15GB are going to roll over. That is a ton of data.

I’m rooting for T-Mobile, because it seems like AT&T usually reacts by offering similar options later on. Competition is good for the consumer. Bring it on!

AT&T offers data rollover, but with much stricter limits than T-Mobile | Ars Technica.

Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX HD images leaked

New images of Motorola’s upcoming flagship phone have been leaked, the Droid RAZR MAXX HD, which is the updated version of the Droid RAZR MAXX, which was the upgraded version of the Droid RAZR, which keeps the ridiculous Android naming convention.

The images confirm that the device is running Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich, but some speculate that it might actually ship with Jelly Bean. Other details, such as the exact processor specs, battery life (which will be amazing, keeping with the RAZR tradition), or release date have yet to be release by Motorola or Google.

What do you think about Motorola’s new flagship? I’m going to hold off until they release the Droid RAZR MAXX HD Pro III.

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No Jelly Bean for 2011 Sony Xperia owners

Are you a proud owner of a Sony Xperia 2011 phone? Well, I hate the be the bearer of bad news, but Sony has unofficially stated via their official social networks that 2011 Xperia models aren’t getting the latest version of the Android mobile OS, Jelly Bean.

In a Facebook thread, a Sony representative said:

Unfortunately Arc S won’t be getting the Jelly Bean update, but we’re always developing new phones and make sure they get the latest updates.

So, no Jelly Bean for you! But, the good news is that you can spend more money to upgrade to a new phone, even though you might still be under a subsidized 2-year contract. Thanks Sony!

Via [Xperia Blog]

More push-to-talk devices and services from at&t

If you would’ve told me that there are still people and businesses out there interested in push-to-talk phones and services, I would’ve called you a liar. Well, turns out I’m wrong. At&t mobile has just announced that they will be expanding their push-to-talk trials to more cities due to high interest, higher-than-expect demand and interest in this type of service.

Just a week after Sprint announced that they will be phasing out the Nextel PPT frequencies and network, at&t announces that they will be expanding their PPT coverage nationwide. At&t has also partnered with phone manufacturers and will be releasing 5 PPT-enabled phones, including the South-Korean giant Samsung, exclusively for this service. Their PTT program will be expanding the 26 cities around the US, including New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Dallas and Seattle.

Hit the link below to read the full press release and see the complete list of cities.

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First look at BBM for Blackberry 10

Some might see Blackberry 10, the upcoming OS powering that will power Research in Motion’s new devices, as RIM’s last chance to keep afloat in the smartphone world. I consider myself one of those people. N4BB got a hold of leaked images of the new Blackberry Messenger for Blackberry 10 and apart from the iChat-esque similarities, I really don’t see anything innovative or outstanding. Just your run of the mill messaging program. There sure are big BBM addicts out there, especially in developing countries, and I’m not quite sure this redesign will keep them as users and avoid the migration to Android or iOS.

Hit up the link below to view the rest of the leaked screenshots and voice your opinions in the comments.

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Easy phone sync brings iTunes data to Samsung devices

Do you have a love for Apple’s music, video, photos and contact manager, iTunes and Samsung’s line of Android devices, the Galaxy, but feel left out out the data syncing goodness? Thanks to Easy Phone Sync software (available in Google Play) you’ll be able to use your iTunes data with your Galaxy phone, at least in the UK. Samsung partnered up with Media Mushroom, the developers of Easy Phone Sync and now offers a Windows or Mac app along with the phone application to facilitate the transfer of your valuable bits and bytes.

Great news for recent iOS deserters, but who knows how Apple will react. They have updated iTunes in the past to disallow non-Apple devices from syncing (ehem, Palm), so, if you’re in the UK (or know how to set up a VPN connection) go ahead and bring these two competing worlds together, one USB cable at a time.

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Google fast-tracks voice assistant development

In an interesting, but not necesarily surprising, tidbit for information, the Wall Street Journal reported that Google has ramped up the development of their Voice Assistance, formerly known as Majel, to better compete with Apple’s revamped Siri.

“As Google and Apple’s share has grown, the fighting between them has intensified. Last week, Apple unveiled the next version of its software for iPhones and iPads with a slate of features aimed at distancing itself from Google. They include a mapping service and enhanced Siri “virtual assistant” that provides an alternative way to search for information besides the traditional Google search box.

Google, meanwhile, has accelerated plans to launch its own Siri competitor that would work on Android-powered devices, people familiar with the matter have said.”

This comes a week before the big Google event where the search giant is expected to launch a Google-developed Android tablet, the Nexus 7, and perhaps their new mobile operating system, Jelly Bean. Android already ships with a very competent Siri equivalent and Samsung developed their own, Voice S, but what Google perhaps needs is a bit of marketing: show people how your Siri works, how its better than Apple’s, and how you can leverage your massive network of servers and computing power to make a better assistant. Please do it, but don’t hire Zooey Deschanel.

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Window Phone update detailed – Tango coming soon

Microsoft has announced in their French and Spanish language site the upcoming refresh to the Windows 7 mobile OS, also known as Tango or Windows Phone 7.5. As usual, it is up to the mobile operators to push the updates to the handsets, so this update will roll-out at different times for users on different carriers.

The list of the improvements include (translated from French using Google translate):

“Messages. Add to your phone of new capabilities for messages. You can now join your IM and MMS several pictures, videos, ringtones and audio notes.

SIM card. Adds functionality related to contacts on SIM card. You can now export phone contacts to a SIM card, and selectively import contacts from a SIM card registered to your phone.

Other improvements. includes many other improvements in Windows Phone.

This update is not available for all phones in all markets.”

Seems like an incremental update, nothing revolutionary, but keep in minde the “Other improvements. includes many other improvements in Windows Phone” part. What does Microsoft have under its sleeve?

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