Adobe introduces new subscription and cloud service

Adobe announced on Monday a new subscription model for their new flagship collection of products, Creative Suite 6. CS6, which includes the wildly pirated Photoshop, along with Illustrator, Dreamweaver, InDesign and Bridge will be offered as a subscription service starting at $49 per month, as well as box-wrapped sets, starting at $1,299. This new subscription model, called Adobe Creative Cloud, will also include cloud-based storage and sharing features with 20 GB of storage.

Adobe will also offer special pricing for existing CS4, CS4 and CS6 license holders, as well as discounted student and teacher editions. Adobe Creative Cloud is available now for pre-order as a launch date will be announced within a month.

Via [Mashable]
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Why not re-brand the US Post Office?

Ah, the United Stage Postal Service. That service that brings you bills and junkmail everyday to your doorstep. The dying giant that has been displaced by email, fax and UPS. But, what if they were to be rebranded? That’s exactly what designer Matt Chase did, complete with new colors, logo, letterhead, uniforms and even stamp dispensers. Check out a few of the items below, but to see the whole concept, visit [the original site]


Photoshop CS6 New Feature Preview

For all you design nerds out there: Adobe introduced a time-saving (but not perfect) feature in Photoshop CS5 called Content Aware Fill, where removing an undesired portion of an image becomes a matter of seconds, and now they’re introducing a new feature in Photoshop CS6 where you can move an object in a picture, automatically. Check out the video above (around the minute mark) to see for yourself. Now, just as Content Aware Fill, its not perfect (nor will it ever be) but a really cool feature none the less.