Foxboro Hot Tubs = Green Day

Green Day is getting inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame, and wrote about Foxboto Hot Tubs, a Green Day side project and album that is one of my favorites. Anyone that knows me, knows that I love garage rock, and it doesn’t get any more garagey than this.

The Foxboro Hot Tubs are another thing entirely. Their 2008 album, Stop, Drop and Roll!!!, is a classic album that flew so far beneath the radar many are not even aware of its existence. And it holds up to nearly everything Green Day has ever done, with the possible exception of Dookie and American Idiot. Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tré Cool are all members of the group; had they called it a Green Day album, it would be further reason for the band’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this weekend (although clearly, they don’t need it).

Foxboro Hot Tubs are Green Day’s Garage Rock Alter-Ego «

Football vs Soccer

Very interesting read on why Americans generally find soccer to be boring and why Europeans generally find American Football boring. Click thru for the complete thread (via Reddit)

If you look at American sports, they are all very structured and procedural, with standardized repeated plays that are quantified into statistics, and the narrative of the sport is largely told through statistics. We cheer when a quantifiable number is achieved, we find excitement in that which results in a number indicating success. Soccer is completely unlike this, it doesn’t provide the standardized plays that increment in a linear fashion but complete free-form gameplay with only one giant milestone that is difficult to achieve (scoring a goal). To create a gaming analogy, American sports are like turn based games (Civilizations) while soccer is like a RTS (Age of Empires).

via WhatWeOnlyFantasize comments on Length of Game vs. Actual Gameplay–FIXED [OC].

Goodbye Radio Shack

Hack A Day has a great piece on the news about Radio Shack declaring bankruptcy.

This is not a eulogy; Radio Shack isn’t quite dead just yet, and eulogies are reserved for the loved ones in our lives. Radio Shack is neither. We all have a rich history with Radio Shack, and next time you’re buying some resistors on Mouser or Digikey, just remember we’re living in a different world now.

Yup, a store that will gladly sell you a cell phone, satellite TV or an old digital camera, but you’re much better off looking for that resistor you need in the shelf yourself.