The controversy behind getting to the Hollywood Sign


Gizmodo has a great article about the ongoing controversy on what is perhaps California’s most iconic symbol, the Hollywood sign. If you try to get directions to get to the actual sign using Google Maps, Mapquest, Apple Maps and others, it won’t actually give you directions to the sign, but rather to the Griffith Observatory.

Even though Google Maps clearly marks the actual location of the sign, something funny happens when you request driving directions from any place in the city. The directions lead you to Griffith Observatory, a beautiful 1920s building located one mountain east from the sign, then—in something I’ve never seen before, anywhere on Google Maps—a dashed gray line arcs from Griffith Observatory, over Mt. Lee, to the sign’s site. Walking directions show the same thing.

Even though you can very clearly walk to the sign via the extensive trail network in Griffith Park, the map won’t allow you to try.

Head on over to Gizmodo to read the full article and don’t forget to read the comments. Make me wanna go trollin’.

Why People Keep Trying to Erase the Hollywood Sign From Google Maps.

Better Call Saul premieres Febraury 9th

Everyone’s favorite lawyer, Saul Goodman, returns to AMC on Febrary 9th in the new series, Better Call Saul, the spinoff, prequel to the hit TV series Breaking Bad. Who’s excited?


6 links that will show you what Google knows about you

I came across an interesting article via Reddit, but to my surprise it was taken offline by the page hosting it,, for reasons unknown. Luckily someone on that Reddit thread saved the main link. Click and find out for yourself. – Ad preferences – Where you’ve been – Search history – Devices you’ve used – Apps that use your info – Export your data

What does Google know about you?

via 6 links that will show you what Google knows about you : technology.

Here’s an additional “mirror”

Tesla’s SUV – Model X – further delayed


Tesla was scheduled to release their newest car, the model X, on the second quarter of 2015, but they have just announced that they are further delaying the release until the third quarter of 2015 and if you reserve yours now with a $5,000 deposit, you will be receiving yours by early 2016. The Model X will have the same battery system as the Model S, 60 or 85kWh and will weight about more, so, my prediction is that is will do about 15% less range-wise than the Model S.

Aparently, the reason fur the further delays are the unconventional doors:

The Model X features gull-wing doors for the rear passengers (called Falcon wing doors in Tesla-speak), and news of the delay was greeted with questions about whether the doors are to blame.

Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter this afternoon to confirm that the Model X will keep its funky opening hatches, bemoaning the fact that production cars so often disappoint compared to concept cars.

Stupid doors!

Tesla’s electric SUV delayed until late 2015 | Ars Technica.

You won’t believe the 5 things I’m going to say next. Click now to find out.


Dear click-hungry writers: if your article’s title has the following:

  • “You won’t believe…”
  • “You have to…”
  • “The funniest thing you’ll see today…”
  • The words “awesome”, “great”, “incredible”

or anything else that might indicate that your title was specifically designed to attract clicks, fuck you. You won’t get me to “click here” to “find out more”. If your online publication has some sort of reputation, you’re losing it (Yes Boy Genius Report, I’m pointing my fingers at you). I’ve been on the internet long enough to know when an article is written just for clicks and has no substance.

On a related but separate note, how hard is it to NOT click on the “You might also be interested in” section at the bottom of online articles? I mean, I do want to find out how I can eat all the chocolate in the world without gaining weight, about how Obama has ruined America, how Emma Roberts, Jessica Lawrence or Kate Upton feel about Ebola, and the latest ways to avoid paying taxes. Seems like a great way to invest a click.

Getting back into tech blogging

IBM Keyboard

So after a 2 year hiatus from technology blogging, I’m going to start to write my again, here in this space. At this point I have four places where I’ll be (hopefully) writing on a consistant basis:

  • This is the blog where I’ve been writing the most, where I chronicle my RC hobby.
  • My newest blog where I share interesting information, videos and advancements in the world of unmanned aerial vehicles, just don’t call ‘em drones

I’ve also decided to redirect my main domain name, to my page, where I have a quick overview of myself.

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Are Verizon sales people detering people from buying iPhone too?

The latest report of Apple iPhone bashing comes from Jeff Stern, a college student who overheard weird sales pitches while playing with a Samsung Galaxy SIII at a Verizon store. In his blog post he points out the way Verizon store sales reps try to sell phones to people, but what really stood out was the following:

“They released the iPhone 4S because Steve Jobs died so they just threw in a couple more features and pushed it out.”
“Apple’s servers are really small and when you use Siri it normally redirects to Google anyway.”
“Every icon looks alike on your homescreen and it’s really hard to find applications.”
All things I heard salespeople say in the 40 minutes I was there. I’m certainly not an Apple fanboy. I was in your store to buy an Android phone. But you’re really trying too hard to steer people away from the iPhone and I’m not the only person that’s noticed it.

Those are statements he overheard. I don’t know if Apple bashing by sales reps is trend, widespread, or merely coincidental. Even worse, he links to another story where the same exact thing happend. Earlier this week we reported on something similar happening over at at&t stores. I really hope this is not a trend.

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Phil Schiller reveals amazing stats about iPhone sales during Samsung trial

Phil Schiller, Apple’s vice president of marketing, made an astoundishing statement about the historical sales of iPhone. He declared that every new model if iPhone sells more than any other model of iPhone combined. Let’s put that into perspective: Apple has sold more iPhone 4S than iPhone 4, 3GS, 3G and original, combined.

Schiller made this statement at the end of the second full day of the Apple vs. Samsung trial, but some seem to think of the statement as an internal joke, but some analysts believe that the statement is actually true:

Though CNBC writer Jon Fortt says that Schiller’s statement was an ‘internal joke‘, this statement matches up with numbers from Matt Richman, who broke down sales by year back in January of this year, concluding that Apple had sold 93.1M iPhones in 2011, just over the amount that it sold in the period from 2007-2010. Note that Richman’s numbers include sales from the current model year as well as previous phones, so Schiller is likely referring to the sales of the current iPhone generation backed up by sales of whatever model was still selling the year before.

Not only has this trend been an anecdotal statistic, but some believe that it is what Apple tries to do with every iPhone launch. If it is true, Apple must feel pretty confident about the next generation iPhone.

Via [TheNextWeb]