Up Close and Personal With the Fearsome New F-35 Jet | WIRED


From Wired:

Blakeslee shoots exclusively on film, both professionally and personally, because he likes the intentionality of it. Every shot counts, and costs money, requiring greater attention to composition. Film rewards precision. “You really have to slow it down and calculate things in your head,” he says. “The whole process of shooting film is very meditative.”

Up Close and Personal With the Fearsome New F-35 Jet | WIRED.

Genetically Engineered Food

GMO What's in the Pipeline

Great article on the fear-mongering going on with the labeling of GMOs, or genetically modified organisms.

The scientific consensus on GMOs shows that they are as safe as their conventional and organic counterparts. Indeed, there have been thousands of studies showing their safety, many of which haven’t been industry-funded. Every major scientific oversight organization in the world, including the World Health Organization and the American Association for the Advancement of Science, says that GMOs on the market are safe to consume.

via Is the GMO Labeling Movement Just a Long Con to Get You to Buy Organic?.

Good riddance homeopathy


Real science says that homeopathy is pure, unadulterated bullshit. Hopefully they crack down on other forms of “alternative” medicine. Great NPR piece.

“Homeopathy is an excellent example of the purest form of pseudoscience,” says Steven Novella, a neurologist at Yale and executive editor of the website Science-Based Medicine. “These are principles that are not based upon science.”

via FDA Ponders Putting Homeopathy To A Tougher Test : Shots – Health News : NPR.

Jon Stewart leaving the Daily Show: great interview.


The Guardian has a great piece on Jon Stewart, the future of the Daily show and Rosewater, the movie.

Like every TV celebrity, in person, Stewart is both better-looking than you expect and smaller, with his long torso making up most of his 5ft 7in, giving the illusion of height from behind his studio desk. He is dressed casually, and after years of watching him on TV wearing a suit, seeing him in a T-shirt and casual trousers feels almost like catching my father half-undressed.

via Jon Stewart: why I quit The Daily Show | Media | The Guardian.

Foxboro Hot Tubs = Green Day

Green Day is getting inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame, and Radio.com wrote about Foxboto Hot Tubs, a Green Day side project and album that is one of my favorites. Anyone that knows me, knows that I love garage rock, and it doesn’t get any more garagey than this.

The Foxboro Hot Tubs are another thing entirely. Their 2008 album, Stop, Drop and Roll!!!, is a classic album that flew so far beneath the radar many are not even aware of its existence. And it holds up to nearly everything Green Day has ever done, with the possible exception of Dookie and American Idiot. Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tré Cool are all members of the group; had they called it a Green Day album, it would be further reason for the band’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this weekend (although clearly, they don’t need it).

Foxboro Hot Tubs are Green Day’s Garage Rock Alter-Ego « Radio.com.

Football vs Soccer

Very interesting read on why Americans generally find soccer to be boring and why Europeans generally find American Football boring. Click thru for the complete thread (via Reddit)

If you look at American sports, they are all very structured and procedural, with standardized repeated plays that are quantified into statistics, and the narrative of the sport is largely told through statistics. We cheer when a quantifiable number is achieved, we find excitement in that which results in a number indicating success. Soccer is completely unlike this, it doesn’t provide the standardized plays that increment in a linear fashion but complete free-form gameplay with only one giant milestone that is difficult to achieve (scoring a goal). To create a gaming analogy, American sports are like turn based games (Civilizations) while soccer is like a RTS (Age of Empires).

via WhatWeOnlyFantasize comments on Length of Game vs. Actual Gameplay–FIXED [OC].